One Secret Eerie Premonition?

Nicole Simpson had an eerie premonition of her death – just five weeks before she was murdered she scrambled to make out a will to ensure her children would be taken care of if anything happened to her.

Friends have told STAR that Nicole was terrified of how ex-husband O.J. Simpson would react to her decision to leave him for good, and they feared the blonde beauty may have known that she could never escape him.

“Here is a 35-year-old beautiful, vibrant woman – and she’s even working out which relative gets which piece of her jewelry!


She really must have had this astonishing premonition of her own death.

I don’t know a single one of Nicole’s girlfriends who has made a will. This is very strange.


Surely, the time to have done it would have been after her divorce, two years earlier.


Sometimes people are driven by something from deep within – and maybe her fears drove her to do this.”

The mystery surrounding the will deepened when Nicole’s dad, Louis Brown, won court permission to have it sealed so no outsiders would ever see it.

Her dad has seen Nicole’s name dragged through the mud since the murder… and he was determined that the world wouldn’t know her final secrets.”

The will, dated May 8, left an estate of at least $700,000 – $500,000 in property and $200,000 in other, unspecified assets. Most of the money went into a trust fund for her children. She also parceled out various pieces of her jewelry collection to her sisters and other members of her family.

But nothing went to O.J. Simpson – the man who had bought her many of the expensive baubles.

“He was obsessed. Did she foresee something dreadful happening to her? We’ll never know – but she was wracked with fear in the weeks leading up to her death.


We’re all wondering now – was it just a bizarre coincidence that she drew up the will so close to leaving O.J. for good?


She started to put her life in order and the will was part of that. It shows how she was trying to clear the deck of O.J.”

Shortly before her murder on June 12, she called real estate agent Jean McKenna and told her she wanted to sell her Bundy Drive condo and move out of West Los Angeles – and away from the bad memories of O.J.

The will was a straightforward do-it-yourself type of form document. It was 11 pages long – surprisingly simple for a woman whose personal life seemed so complex.

Experts, however, say it appears she had some legal help in filling it out.

Her dad who was named executor of the will, got a Superior Court judge to grant his request that details of the document be sealed to protect the privacy of the beneficiaries.

STAR has learned that Brown made his plea last week, begging Judge David Rothman:

“The matters relating to my daughter’s death have reached a level of extreme notoriety – and it’s in the best interests of those named in her will that it be sealed.”

However, STAR has learned that many of her relatives were left lavish gifts in the will.

Star Magazine (October 18 1994)

"We're All Stories, in the End." ~ Steven Moffat

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