ONE Day He WILL Kill ME!

“Help me! Help me! O.J.’s going to kill me!”

That was the desperate plea of a near-naked, terrified Nicole Simpson as she fled from her husband O.J. Simpson during the worst beating he ever gave her.

And a witness who saw the horrifying attack has revealed to a friend; “Nicole begged someone to call the police. She kept screaming at O.J., ‘Leave me alone. You’re crazy!'”

But the onetime football superstar instead broke down a door, dragged Nicole around the estate by her long blonde hair and pummeled her with his fists and feet so badly she had to go to the hospital.

The eyewitness has described for the first time the shocking, complete story of what really happened at Simpson’s $5-million mansion on New Year’s Day, 1989.

That was the only occasion that a bullying O.J. was charged, following his infamous beatings of the beautiful Nicole.

The beating at the hands of the 6-ft 212lb former gridiron superstar erupted during the early hours of Jan. 1 1989.

“It was 3:30a.m. when Nicole and O.J. arrived home,” the witness confides to a friend. “They had been to a party and were both drunk. As they entered the house, O.J. was screaming and yelling, ‘Why did you insult me in front of those people? Why do you treat me this way?’

“Nicole was shouting back, ‘Because you deserve it! You deserve it!’

“As they stumbled up the stairs O.J. was ranting:

‘I don’t want you in my bed you bitch! You hear that bitch? You understand? I don’t want you sleeping in my bed!’

“O.J.’s son Justin, was sleeping in his nursery and Sydney had fallen asleep on her parents’ king-size bed while watching TV with the nanny who as looking after them for the night.

“The nanny had been roused by O.J. and Nicole’s explosive argument. She was startled when O.J. burst into the bedroom and lifted her off the bed. She screamed, ‘Put me down, O.J.! Put me down!’

“He then wandered off looking for Nicole, who had gone to check on Justin. O.J. was yelling, ‘Get back in here, bitch!'”

The source says that O.J. found Nicole, and started slapping her around. Then he shoved her down the stairs, and began pummeling her with his fists.

“Somehow Nicole reached the bottom of the stairs and managed to get out of the front door. She was screaming:

‘Leave me alone! You’re going to kill me! You’re crazy!’

“She ran through the garden to one of the guest houses where O.J.’s housekeeper Michelle was sleeping. She hammered on the door:

‘Help me! Help me! O.J.’s going to kill me.’

“Michelle opened to door and let Nicole in. She was wearing nothing but her underwear. Michelle gave her a sweater and Nicole begged her to call the police.

“But in the next instant O.J. was pounding on the door shouting, ‘Open this goddamn door! I know she’s in there!’

“Then he broke down the door with his shoulder and grabbed Nicole by her hair and pulled her from the guest house along the path back to the mansion.

“All the time he held her hair with one hand and punched her in the face and head with the other.

“He was also kicking her legs and feet.”

Before the enraged O.J. could drag her back inside the house, Nicole managed to struggle free and ran into the bushes.

O.J. then walked into the kitchen and fixed himself a non-alcoholic drink to cool down.

The source continues: “Nicole was terrified, but got to an outside phone and dialed 911.

“It was cold and raining and she cowered in the undergrowth for several minutes before a police car arrived.

“The police buzzed through on the intercom but their call was answered by a member of the household staff, who thought the worst was over and told the cops:

‘Everything is OK. You can leave.’

“But somehow Nicole summoned up the strength to rush from the bushes and open the electronic gate from the inside.”

According to the police report, Nicole sobbed:

“He’s going to kill me! He’s going to kill me.”

Nicole was taken to the West Los Angeles police station where she was interviewed by officers and later that New Year’s Day received treatment at St John’s Hospital in Santa Monica for bruises and soreness to her head.

The source says, “Even though she was so badly beaten up, Nicole’s main concern was always for her children.

“Her doctor wanted to keep her in the hospital for observation, but she insisted on coming home.

“Initially, Nicole wanted to prosecute. She asked a member of the household staff to be a witness, but the worker loved O.J., wouldn’t hear a word against him, and told her, ‘I don’t want to be involved.’

O.J. was charged with misdemeanor spousal battery. He pleaded no contest – “for no other reason but to protect our privacy” he claimed in his now-famous June 17 suicide note – and was fined $700 and ordered to do 120 hours community service plus counseling.

“O.J. got let off lightly,” says the source.

“It was a slap on the wrist for him. He begged Nicole not to reveal the full extent of his attack.

He told her, ‘I’ll be ruined. I’ll lose all my endorsements and TV work. Then how can I look after you and the children?’

“It was emotional blackmail”

Star Magazine (November 8 1994)

"We're All Stories, in the End." ~ Steven Moffat

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