Kill Me? NO! Help Me!

“Help me! Help me! O.J.’s going to kill me!”

That was the desperate plea of a near-naked, terrified Nicole Simpson as she fled from her husband O.J. Simpson during the worst beating he ever gave her.

And a witness who saw the horrifying attack has revealed to a friend; “Nicole begged someone to call the police. She kept screaming at O.J., ‘Leave me alone. You’re crazy!'”

But the onetime football superstar instead broke down a door, dragged Nicole around the estate by her long blonde hair and pummeled her with his fists and feet so badly she had to go to the hospital.

The eyewitness has described for the first time the shocking, complete story of what really happened at Simpson’s $5-million mansion on New Year’s Day, 1989.

That was the only occasion that a bullying O.J. was charged, following his infamous beatings of the beautiful Nicole.

The beating at the hands of the 6-ft 212lb former gridiron superstar erupted during the early hours of Jan. 1 1989.

“It was 3:30am when Nicole and O.J. arrived home,” the witness confides to a friend. “They had been to a party and were both drunk. As they entered the house, O.J. was screaming and yelling, ‘Why did you insult me in front of those people? Why do you treat me this way?’

Other sources close to Nicole have told STAR that she and O.J. were constantly at odds over his long-term affair with model/actress Tawny Kitaen.

It is not clear exactly what Nicole did to “insult” O.J. at the party, but it is believed she deliberately flirted with a male friend to “give him a taste of his own medicine.”

After his outburst, O.J. stepped into his blue Bentley and sped off into the night.

The source says it was two weeks before he returned to the Brentwood estate.

After O.J. drove off, Nicole was taken to the West Los Angeles police station where she was interviewed by officers and later that New Year’s Day received treatment at St John’s Hospital in Santa Monica for bruises and soreness to her head.

The source says:

“Even though she was so badly beaten up, Nicole’s main concern was always for her children.


“Her doctor wanted to keep her in the hospital for observation, but she insisted on coming home.


“Her mother and sister Denise came over the following day and stayed with her for a couple of nights. They certainly knew what was going on, but Nicole told her mother, ‘Don’t worry, mama. I’m going to handle it by myself.'”

O.J. was charged with misdemeanor spousal battery. He pleaded no contest – “for no other reason but to protect our privacy” he claimed in his now-famous June 17 suicide note – and was fined $700 and ordered to do 120 hours community service plus counseling.

“O.J. got let off lightly,” says the source.

“It was a slap on the wrist for him. He begged Nicole not to reveal the full extent of his attack.


He told her, ‘I’ll be ruined. I’ll lose all my endorsements and TV work. Then how can I look after you and the children?’


“It was emotional blackmail”

Star Magazine (November 8 1994)

"We're All Stories, in the End." ~ Steven Moffat

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