Roses Are Red and YOU Will Be Soon Dead!

O.J. Simpson heaped so much abuse on his ex-wife Nicole during the final months of her life, she plunged into zombie-like states of depression and had to be snapped  back to reality.

That’s just one of the chilling revelations from her trusted housekeeper who watched O.J. destroy the woman he claimed to love.

In a world exclusive ENQUIRER interview, Elvia Alonzo – who lived with Nicole and her two children right up until the young beauty’s death – speaks out for the first time.

Nicole hired Guatemala-born Elvia, 40, last December 15 on the recommendation of a friend. The housekeeper moved into Nicole’s rented home on Gretna Green Way in the Los Angeles suburb of Brentwood.

In January, Nicole and her children, and Elvia moved to a nearby two-story town house on Bundy Drive.

The housekeeper had a room on the first floor of the home. She worked Tuesday through Saturday, cooking, cleaning, shopping and baby-sitting Nicole’s youngsters.

On Sunday and Monday, her days off, Elvia stayed at a friend’s home.

“I’ve never met a sweeter more beautiful lady than Nicole,” said Elvia. “We hit it off almost immediately and became very close. She felt she could trust me and confided in me.”

The housekeeper first got to meet O.J. three days before Christmas last year when she went along with Nicole and the children to visit him. Elvia said the gridiron hero seemed completely normal. She never suspected it would be Nicole’s last Christmas alive.

“The tree was up and lighted and the children were all excited,” she recalled. “I’ll never forget the faces of the kids, O.J. and Nicole in a picture taken next to the tree. That was one occasion when O.J. was delightful.”

But Elvia soon learned there was a dark side to the former football star when she started to see his terrifying split personality firsthand – and what it did to Nicole.

“He’d come over to the house to play with the kids and he was happy and smiling and really enjoying himself,” said the housekeeper. “The next visit, sometimes just days later, he would arrive, kiss Nicole on the cheek and within minutes they’d be arguing. He’d be a raging maniac – totally out of control. He was like a madman.

“I thought to myself, ‘Here’s a guy who is really sick. He needs help.”

Incredibly, O.J. always showered Nicole with flowers after an outburst, trying to recapture the love he’d destroyed.

“O.J. would send Nicole dozens of red roses and assorted houseplants. They were all over the house,” said Elvia. “I remember saying to Nicole after one delivery: ‘See, O.J. loves you.’

“But Nicole looked at me, shook her head and her eyes filled with tears as she confided to me: ‘Oh, no, O.J. doesn’t love me. I think he’s going to kill me!'”

There was always a little note with the flowers but Nicole would rip them up, except for the one that the housekeeper saved.

O.J. tried to be romantic but the note is cold and unemotional: “There are so many positives and negatives in life today. Let’s you and I focus on just the positive. Love O.J.”

The National Enquirer (October 11 1994)

One thought on “Roses Are Red and YOU Will Be Soon Dead!

  1. Merci pour tous vos articles . J ai regardé le reportage sur la chaîne investigation discovery l histoire de Nicole m a beaucoup touchée et j ai voulu en apprendre plus j ai donc commencé diverses recherches. Je suis tombée sur votre blog où j ai trouvé des infos que je n avais vu encore nulle part. Merci c est très bien fait.

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