You Know the Truth? I’m Devastated!

Nicole Simpson’s best friend, Faye Resnick – the Beverly Hills jet-setter who made a highly publicized 35-minute phone call to O.J.’s ex-wife about an hour before the murders – fears she’ll be murdered herself to suppress the “devastating secrets” she knows.

“I was Nicole’s best friend. I know the truth about her,” said Faye.

“The most astounding lie I’ve read in the press about Nicole – and I know right where it came from – is that she was about to enter Exodus Recovery Center in L.A. for drug rehabilitation.

“That’s absolutely preposterous!

Although Nicole recreationally used drugs, like a lot of people on the Beverley Hills and Hollywood scene, she never even came close to being addicted.

“The only time Nicole was at Exodus was to visit me while I was there for drug rehabilitation.

The fact is, she’s the one who made me check into Exodus…”

Faye then revealed she’d been in the rehab center when doctors informed her that her best friend had been savagely murdered – and she broke down and collapsed in tears and convulsions.

Faye has spoken with prosecutor Marcia Clark and promised her that she will make a statement. She told Clark she fears for her life.

“I’m trying to deal with the awful grief of losing my best and closest friend, and I need time to gather my strength for the ordeal of testifying,” Faye told me.

What about the 35-minute phone call?

At first Faye refused to speak about the call the world’s press wants to hear about.

She said she’d made the call to Nicole from the Exodus clinic about 9pm. It lasted until about 9.35pm.

She refuses to divulge the details until she gives an official statement to prosecutors.

As I left, Faye asked me to tell people one thing. What was that, I asked.

“Tell them Nicole loved her children,” she said, eyes filling with tears.

“She was a sweet, kind soul.”

Mike Walker The National Enquirer (September 6 1994)

"We're All Stories, in the End." ~ Steven Moffat

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