She WAS Hopelessly Devoted to You!

Nicole Simpson’s carefree smile hid more than the pain of O.J.’s brutality – she had six abortions, and each was like a tiny knife through her heart.

That’s just one of Nicole’s many shocking secrets uncovered by the ENQUIRER during an exhaustive investigation into the short, tragic life of the blonde beauty, a part-time model who was wed to O.J. for seven years.

Nicole’s own death at 35 was “almost a release” after she’d suffered for years at the hands of a husband who treated her like dirt, a family insider told The ENQUIRER.

“She called the police not just eight times, as has been reported – she actually called them 30 times!

“She finally found one LA cop who felt sorry for her, and after that she’d call this guy and tell him ‘O.J. beat me up again.’

“O.J. also trashed their house twice during violent rages – causing thousands of dollars in damages. He smashed picture frames, overturned furniture and punched holes in the walls.”

During one of those terrifying explosions, the muscular former football star “blacked both of Nicole’s eyes and threatened to break her arms,” a friend of the blonde beauty told The ENQUIRER.

One of O.J.’s cruelest tactics was to break Nicole’s will by holding her prisoner at their $3.2 million mansion in the exclusive Brentwood section, the family insider disclosed.

After each violent outburst, O.J. begged his wife for forgiveness and promised he’d never touch her again. For the children’s sake she always took him back – but he always attacked her again, said the family insider.

“Nicole constantly wore sunglasses and heavy makeup to hide her black eyes from her family and friends. She didn’t want to burden them with the suffering she was going through. Like most abused women she clung to the hope that one day O.J. would stop.

“Once she told a friend: ‘I’ll do anything to keep this family together, but I don’t know how much longer I can take the beatings.'”

O.J. was in full control of Nicole’s life, said her friend.

“If he didn’t like what she was wearing, she’d change clothes to please him. She confessed to friends that she felt completely overwhelmed and not even her most private thoughts felt like her own.

“She said that even her own words felt strange as they came out of her mouth.”

Pals noticed an ominous change in Nicole’s personality during her marriage to O.J. Once bubbly and outgoing, she became distant and evasive – leaving pals to suspect that all wasn’t well.

Nicole wanted to leave O.J., but she had tremendous loyalty to her children. She was obsessed with being a perfect mother and wanted her kids to grow up around their father in a stable home, according to sources.

“Nicole’s kids were her life, the center of her existence,” said her friend.

The National Enquirer (August 9 1994)

"We're All Stories, in the End." ~ Steven Moffat

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